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Setting Up Backup On Windows 8

If you’ve just up upgraded your system to Windows 8 then it’s time to set up the backup. Contrary to what folks are saying that it only suits tablets, this particular system works very well with desktops as well. The video can give you a a good look at how Windows 8 backup program can be set up.

Windows 8 has two backup programs, one of which is similar to Windows 7. The backup program in Windows 8 is called Windows 7 File Recovery. This works the same way as the backup function in Windows 7 which is called Backup And Restore.

Windows File Recovery

You can get to Windows File Recovery by pressing on the Windows key on the keyboard. This will give you the Start Menu where you can do a search. In the search box, type in Windows 7 File Recovery. Then hit on settings.

For first timers, you will see message that says, “Set up backup.” You can click on that to start off. Once that’s set up, you can go Change Settings on the bottom part. Click on that so that you can select as to where you want to back up. Once you have selected which drive you want to back up to, click on next. Soon as you click on next, everything on you computer will be backed up. This means that the programs, the data files on your computer will all be backed up.

This can also create an image that can help you in restoring. At the same time, it gets the computer back in the same state when the backup was done. Click on next at bottom part to schedule the backups. Choose your preferred backup schedule then click on “Save settings and exit” at the bottom part. That will instantly start your backups.

While this version backs up everything, there is one disadvantage and that’s evident in the schedule of backups. The video points out that if the backup schedule is at 7:00 P.M., there is a big chance of losing everything if in case any computer disaster happens before that scheduled time. That won’t be good.

This is when the other Microsoft backup program comes in handy.

The Other Backup Program

The File History is the other backup program that makes Windows 8 quite amazing. The reason for that is because it’s very similar to the Time Machine of Apple. This means that it can retrieve any previous files that had been changed or deleted. This is one feature that should not be taken for granted because it will definitely come in handy.

Setting Up File History

To get to File History, hit on the Microsoft key to get you to Start Menu. Type in “File History” Click on it once you see it after the search.

Just choose as to where you want to back up and click on “Turn on” at the bottom right part of the screen. This will backup everything that’s in the library. It will also back up all the files on the fly. This lessens the chances of losing any data anytime.

A Closing Thought

While the two backup programs can guarantee some kind of file protection, you may also want to consider backing up online. Adding online backup to the Microsoft backup programs will definitely secure and protect all your computer files.