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Your Privacy Is Our Concern

The Privacy Policy of discusses the three major concerns of every visitor of the website.

The first concern of every visitor is the need to know what kind of personal information is collected here on the website. Every visitor has the right to know what kind of personal information is collected each time he or she gets on a website.

In the case of, no personal information is ever collected from the simple website navigation. This proven by the fact that the visitors are not required to sign up to use They can access and use the website without sharing any kind of personal data. However, they share some of their personal data when they use the Contact Form.

Another personal information that is shared by the visitors onsite is their IP address. Most of the time, visitors do not know that they are sharing this personal information with a website.

An IP address is an important piece of personal information because it recognizes the computer of the visitor. It can also recognize the internet network the visitor is using. There are a lot of useful data that can be gathered from an IP address. That’s the reason why IP addresses are often used to study the traffic of a website. It’s no doubt a critical piece of personal information.

The second concern is the need to know how the personal data is collected here on Email addresses are only collected from the Contact Form and comments.

However, IP addresses are automatically collected by the website. This is because of the cookies. They are able to store data that websites are able to access.

And the third concern is the immediate need to know what the website does to protect all the personal data collected onsite. does not share the IP and email addresses of their visitors.

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