Carbonite Backup: A Precautionary Measure For Your Computer

carbonite-computer-backup-solutionAny kind of hardware has its own expiration date. They don’t last forever. In some kind of unfortunate situation, they can be infected with some damaging virus that can literally destroy the hardware. This, of course, means that whatever files are stored within the hardware are lost and damaged as well. This leads us to seriously think where we can actually store all our important files. Considering such hardware like computers, laptops, and tablets have their own expiration dates; nothing is safe from damage or any kind of disaster for that matter.

What To Do Then?

Backing up files is basically the best thing to do. Making sure that all the files are stored somewhere else ensures some level of guarantee that such files are safe. While this can take some extra effort to do, it’s good to have an alternative storing place for all the computer files.

Where Can All The Computer Files Go?

While it has been established that backing up is the best way to guarantee the safety of all computer files, a lot of folks are still in a quandary as to where are the best places to store such files. Some may recommend CDs, flash drives, and maybe even the external drives that cost a lot. Nonetheless, all these are still hardware all waiting for their own expiration time. In due time, all the files in a CD can get corrupted. In due time, the flash external drives can also get damaged, destroyed, and misplaced. This all takes us back to where we were in the beginning. What to do then?

It’s Time To Back Up Smarter

Backing up is still the best way to protect all computer files. It’s just really a matter of backing up smarter. Now, there’s a way to back up smarter and that’s the Carbonite way. This is an online backup service. Carbonite backs up all the computer files online. While this may sound a little too scary for some, Carbonite is actually very easy to use.

Installing Carbonite

Just to dispel any kind of doubt about Carbonite; it’s best to clarify that Carbonite suits everybody’s knowledge about technology. In other words, whether you have a high or low level of knowledge in technology, Carbonite suits you.

Starting from the installation process, anybody that can read can easily install this online backup service. There are no codes or any complicated instructions to follow. Only plain simple words make up the whole installation process. Hence, anybody can install Carbonite.

But Can Everybody Use Carbonite?

The answer is YES! Everybody can use Carbonite. First of all, Carbonite works by itself. If the setting is on “automatic” there’s really nothing else to do but just to concentrate on work. Carbonite does all the backup by itself. All the computer files are automatically transmitted online. So somewhere in the vast internet, all the computer files are safe.

Is This Service Affordable?

Absolutely. Carbonite is one of the most affordable online backup solution that you will find. For a low fixed annual price, you can backup unlimited data on your computer. You can even use discount deals as featured on and get a great savings for your family home computer. Now if you own a business, you can also find a deal on and save your business a significant amount of money.

How Safe Are The Computer Files?

Carbonite ensures all computer files are safe online. By means of the highest level of encryption process, all the files are encrypted first before leaving the computer. No one else can access or even read the files unless the person has the right password. Carbonite backup featured on R-Fate is really the safest place online.

Considering the fact that all kinds of hardware have their own expiration date, one can only conclude that Carbonite is the best precautionary measure to protect all computer files.