Online Backup Is My Best Defense

online-backup-serviceI’m not an alarmist but I do ponder about all the natural disasters that have ravaged the world we live in. Strong earthquakes, killer tsunamis, and high-intensity storms have all become normal occurrences these days. What used to be feared as natural disasters have all slowly become regular events in our everyday life. While we’re all blaming climate change for all these weird natural occurrences, we just really have to go on with our lives and hope for the best.

Dealing With It

My family and I have sat down and talked about the various ways of protecting ourselves in case of emergency. But we’re not exactly prepping for doomsday because we have our lives to live. How much can we really prepare for such natural disasters? The most we can do is to educate ourselves about it and just live a normal life.

But if there’s blatant thing about natural disasters is the fact that anything or anybody, for that matter, can disappear in a matter of seconds. After watching all the news and sympathizing with the survivors, the thought of losing it all becomes a reality. That’s when I started thinking about the stuff that really mattered to me.

The Things That Matter

There are a lot of material things that matter to me. The house and the cars, which we had worked so hard for, all matter to me. But they can all be insured and replaced. But if there’s one material thing that matters most to me is my laptop. Not that my laptop is top of the line because it’s not. It actually is an old laptop. But the sentimental attachment I have with the laptop is connected to all the files stored in it. What happens if I lose my laptop?

What Next?

I don’t need to wait for any natural disaster to happen. I don’t even have to wait for such time when my good old laptop conks out on me. I can immediately act now to protect everything I have stored in my laptop.

To back everything up to CDs or even flash drives would just bring me back square one. I don’t think I’ll even have the chance to pick up the CDs in a time of disaster. The best way for me to protect all the files is to use an online backup service.

How Online Backup Works

Online backup is very simple. For some, it may sound a little too techie. But it’s not at all that complicated. Simply put, online backup transfers all the computer files online. Since I want to preserve all the files in my laptop, I’m going to have to install an online backup service into my laptop. Once that’s done, the whole backup process begins. Technically, that’s how an online backup service works. While all the online backup services I’ve looked at claim ease-of-use, I have yet to find the online back service that will suit my budget and my needs.

All Files Are A Lot Safer Online

At this point, I’m sure that all the files are safer online. If in case I lose my laptop or something happens to it, I can just log into my online backup service account and access all the files from another computer. The only thing I really need to be able to get into my account is an internet connection. So in spite of my limited knowledge on online backup, I’m quite sure it’s the best way to protect all my laptop files. Online backup is definitely my best defense.