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Sxpfbyy.net aims to share all the benefits and advantages of using software backup. Through all the articles and comments, visitors will learn more about the various ways to back up computer files. However, all visitors of this website should adhere to the following terms and conditions.

Visitors Make Their Own Decisions

Paul is the rightful owner of this website. He is a computer technician but is not exactly an expert in backup software. His in depth knowledge in backup software is based mainly on his long-term use of it. He has been relying on online backup for quite some time and finds it very reliable. He uses it at work and at home. Through his articles on sxpfbyy.net, he hopes to share his thoughts and favorable experiences in using online backup.

His favorable experiences in using online backup are not meant to compel visitors to patronize the products featured on the website. Should they decide to use online backup, it’s a decision they make on their own. Paul is not liable for that.

A Website Dedicated To Software Backup

Sxpfbyy.net is dedicated to software backup. No other topic is discussed here. Hence all messages, shared articles, and comments should be related to software backup.

All visitors of sxpfbyy.net agree that the website is NOT a forum for comments and messages that discriminate other people. In addition to that, visitors agree that sxpfbyy.net is not a place to voice out complaints.

Ask Paul

For any public sharing and posting of articles, visitors are required to ask Paul for permission. All the articles posted on sxpfbyy.net are original and written by Paul. They cannot be used without his permission.

All visitors of sxpfbyy.net automatically agree to adhere to all these terms and conditions. Should there be any changes, they automatically supersede what has been listed above.

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